GCSE Geography Unit 1: Physical Geography Teacher SOL

morlando | Sunday October 02, 2016

Categories: GCSE Geography, AQA GCSE Geography, Section A: The Challenge of Natural Hazards, Natural Hazards

Two Taster Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction to GCSE Geography

The challenge of natural hazards

Slides: 12


  • Knowledge : To develop ideas about the requirements of the new syllabus
  • Learning : To consolidate understanding of the key global features of the earth

Introduction to AQA GCSE Geography (15 minutes)

Slide 2 An overview of the study programme and assessment for Geography GCSE.

5-a-day Starter Activity (5 minutes)

Slide 3 Task 1A Pupils to reflect on geographical incidents over the summer holidays. The task is to write down 5 geographical events in 5 minutes, with credit given for accurate location detail and content.

Prepare the Learning (20 minutes)

Slide 4 Discuss the Pupil Self Evaluation form that will appear in the student workbook at critical points of study to reflect on learning.

Slides 5-6 Share the objectives with the students and where this lesson fits in to the bigger picture in terms of their GCSE and the specification.

Construct the Learning (20 minutes)

Slide 7 Task 1B An atlas activity to label continents, oceans and lines of latitude and longitude. Map in workbook.

Slide 8 Discussion on statistics.

Application of Learning (10 Minutes)

Slide 8 Task 1C True or False discussion activity. Ask students to explain their answers. Slide 9 Answers.

Plenary/Closing the Loop (5 minutes)

Students to finish their labelling and begin to fill in their Self Evaluation Form.

Lesson 2: The challenge of natural hazards

(this lesson works best completed over 2 periods to allow deeper learning)

Which continent is most at risk from natural hazards?

Slides: 27


  • Knowledge : To understand hazards and how to classify them
  • Learning : To investigate the geographical location of major natural hazards
  • Understanding : To synthesise evidence and to make a geographical opinion

5-a-day starter Activity (5 minutes)

Slide 13 Task 2A Pupils to reflect on geographical incidents over the summer...

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