Project 3580 in Sierra Leone

Richard Gent | Friday July 27, 2018

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Inspired by a life-changing event, Project 3580 was established in 2008 in order to reduce childhood mortality from malaria, and develop educational opportunities for all.

Reducing Malaria Deaths

One of our goals is to reduce the 3580 child deaths from malaria in Kissitown Displaced people’s camp in Sierra Leone. By purchasing and distributing mosquito nets, the numbers of childhood deaths continue to fall rapidly.

Improving Education for All

One of the key goals for Project 3580 is to provide an education to the hundreds of children on the camp, which had previously been denied them due to poor buildings and lack of resources. The project has now built and refurbished 10 classrooms, increasing the numbers on role from 135 to just over 1000 today. Currently we are building a fifth block, which will provide 3 more classrooms for a further 180 students. Resources for the classrooms are provided by the camp carpenter, and by the exporting of three containers thus far laden with over 120 tonnes of school and community resources.

Get Involved

Project 3580 needs as much help and funding as possible to ensure that the project's life-changing work continues and evolves. Contact Project 3580 for further information via their website or via